Thursday, January 18, 2018

A BRAND new life begin

Hello I'm here again!

What I'd done for the whole year was quite meaningful and travel makes me comfortable to life again.

Speaking of new life, imma going to Singapore soon.. Like in one more week. I wasn't sure is this the right choice but I always believed everything happened for a reason. There must be some kind of reason I got a chance to work there and meet all my friends again.  I wished I could really meet all my friend back in KL and Melaka again!

Some of my other friend once told me that colleagues will not be your friend forever and you MUST be careful of everything you said and I believed it until I met Daphne (my first trusted friend in the firm) in one of our job. I wasn't that kind of girl that will say hi to anyone that I'm not familiar with, but this freaking girl just say hi to me and she was the first hotelmate of mine. Since then we chit chat ALOT! She is the one that taught all of us the laws of attraction and us, the sampated people will always tease on the effect of LOA! Imma gonna meet her soon in other land! *excited*

Besides, I still believe everything happened for a reason. Without that particular engagement of mine, I wouldn't make so much close friends in the firm. When I said close friends, I meant it! Like real close friend that still contact each other every single stupid days.. either sad or happy.. we shared alot of moment together. I treasured every moment we hang out, talk and etc! Cherish every moment and I always told them that just imagine if we are not in that particular job together last year, we wouldn't be so close to each other and couldn't share every moment together happily. I guess this is how we are being put together in that job! Believe in faith!

Just remembered how tough life could be when we were doing our works, boss were barking, clients rushing at us and some idiots throwing us to some deep sea, but we still alive in our way! Family mart, llao llao and ramen is our happiness! When I'm in sad mood, ramen will be our dinner and llao llao or family mart would be our dessert! The moment was the greatest!

I wished we could go back to that particular moment and no works please! Lolololol

Happiness or sadness? We should cherish every moment in life!

Wish me luck in my next every moment and wish that I could meet all of them in Singapore Soon! <3<3<3<3


Friday, January 5, 2018

New Year New Me

Hello everyone!

Probably no one reading this but anyway the title has say it out. New Year New Me!

I had resigned from my previous job 5 months ago and I'm feeling motivated to go Singapore.

I was half way giving up on this dream but somehow someone had motivated me to go on with it. Speaking of motivation, I guess that's the reason why I feel I'm gonna go and start a life there. I wasn't that keen to go after too high expectation from my family and etc., but the om suddenly hit me badly after my friend decided to resign from the firm. Hence, I started my "journey" of applying Singapore's job 3 days before new year, and surprisingly I got call from them last two days. Thank GOD! I felt blessed!

Everything happened for a reason is what I always tell myself. If my friend never thought of resigning and planning to go Singapore, I guess I won't be that motivated to do it again.

I truly thanks to my friend that motivated me! (My mom was truly laugh out loud when I got the call and I know I had made a great decision)

And finger crossed that the company accept me and my friend. I believe in Laws of attraction!!

We always make fun of Laws of attraction aka LOA but it really works. From the day I receive that call I felt an om to continue waiting for good news! And surprisingly the call came after my friend told me he got a call from them. Lolololol!

I guess LOA really works!

I'm so blessing! And believe it or not, my some other friends already book me for being a housemate eventhough I'm still yet to go through interview. This is how blissful I felt whenever others still think of me no matter how far away I am.

Although I had resigned from the company but I still contacting some of them and honestly I felt I am so lucky to have such friend that I can reach out no matter how sad or happy I am. I always had a feeling that all these people could be my life time friend and I hope they will be.

I feel blessed I have wonderful people around me no matter how hard life can be. Just imagine that there is always someone you can reach and seek help from when you really need help. Everything!

They might jokingly tell you that you are annoying but somehow I don't feel paiseh (embarrass) to seek help from them. This is what true friend would do I guess! I heart them from the bottom of my heart! Serious!

Life can be as happy and freely as a bird! And friend can be as sticky as glue and yet you wouldn't feel annoy at all.

#people that you can talk with


Thursday, February 9, 2017


Life isn't that miserable..
Life isn't that tough..
Life isn't that difficult...

Communication isn't that hard..
Communication makes life easier..
Communication is a tool to bond each other...


Communication can be tool to destroy a friendship... 

And makes life miserable..

Human being create communication tool… And yet we are the one who misuse it. Verbal communication seems like a simple task everyday but it somehow ruined others life with complicated way.

Isn’t that simple life is good for us?

Human being complicate the whole process, and the process somehow makes others unhappy.

1 + 1 = 2, simple person will agree, but complicated one will tend to confuse others by giving something else and they do not know what they are trying to tell the other party.

I do not understand why there is always communication breakdown among the human being. Misunderstanding can lead to big problem and people hurt.

And most importantly, the way of communication can either hurt or comfort others. There are reasons why people tend to have lesser friends, and I guess all goes to communication.

Girls and guys have different perspective when come to communication, and when someone offended another party, that’s it. Your life is ruined by some jerk who doesn’t know what is going on here.

This is not about your whole life, but at the particular time, that person has ruined your life (partial) by hurting or insulting you. It is true that forgiven is important but too much forgiven make the person think that you are alright with this kind of attitude.

So now, what we should do when this kind of person kept come and made you stress all day?

Honestly, I do not have a solution yet. I had encounter this problem right now, and I am trying to be harsh with that person (just to tell him/her that I do not like this way of communication) but it doesn’t seem to work at ALL.

Thick face? No! I think different people have different perspective of communication. I choose to be friendly, and that person could be the opposite side.

That person (let named as a) talked to me regarding these many times, and I kinda pity “a” because he couldn’t get friends in the department. I gave some suggestions/advices regarding all these, but somehow I couldn’t link to “a” thinking. For example, a told me that my friend went overseas job with a senior, and she went out celebrating New Year with her boyfriend without the senior. I couldn’t understand this at ALL. “a” had rebuked my friend for not bringing the senior out for New Year celebration. SERIOUSLY? And “a” said this is the reason why that senior is going to resign soon. I am like WHAT? Are you serious?

First, I don’t think is because of that causing the senior to resign (some other reason everyone know except “a”)

Secondly, why would I even want to join a couple date?

Thirdly, I wouldn’t even join some gathering with tons of unfamiliar faces! I mean can, but I don’t want my friend to entertain me and at the same entertaining her own friend. Correct?

Being over friendly makes others hold back, and because of this question, we almost fight in the office. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT? Some stupid things!

However, this is fine for me as it is not my problem.


This pissed me off these few days in the office, and I couldn’t control myself from being a rude person.

I was really stress out with my laptop in the ICU (IT department) plus not able to retrieve all my data out. I felt sad and was figuring ways to save my lappie.

And you know what? This fella really pissed me off by wording! “a” said GOOGLE CAN FIND ONE AH, SAID DON’T HAVE! YOU LIKE DON’T CARE ABOUT IT LIKE THAT!


Am I look like I don’t care? Don’t judge people when you are not in their position can or not?

I really damn pissed off with this kind of people and I don’t know why I am still able to talk to him. Anyway, my laptop was fine in the end, and nobody hurt so I just forgive. I believe KARMA!

People who don’t treat others well will not treat well by others as well, and this is proven! Nobody like “a” except people like us who don’t care and forgive!

Life is so difficult with this kind of people around you.

And I should stop being like that…

This is what I wanted to conclude life isn’t that bad when you have communicate in a better way!

Good luck!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

CNY| sum up my days


Had a great CNY with le familie althought there is circumstances whereby I need to work in the morning and everyone else were having their breakfast outside but I'm still happy tho. 

This year was special because 2nd uncle and aunty went Hatyai and i got to have a great bonding with cousin throughout the day. 

Less gamble but more bonding, less mature but more childhood memories, less people but more bonding. That's sum up my whole 4 freaking days. 

Chu Xi (The reunion day)

 The annual thing to do list, family portrait. We have less people this time.

2nd uncle and aunty went Hatyai and bro wasn't in Malaysia this time.


 The awesome dinner. Miss home cooked so much.

 First (?) Ang pau of the year. Saja!

From parent by the way.

We had so much fun on that day, played pop pop with little cousins and claimed that we are so young. Haha!

Ps: uncle was like please lah. So old already still wanna act young. Lol

Chuyi (First day)

 First time had tang yuan during first day of CNY. My mom had this idea of having it with le familie. So much fun when we were together making the tang yuan.

 And we planned to wear red on the first day.

Ps: everyone did a great job!

 With cousins.

 The girls. Five of us grown up so much until we laughed when we were seeing our childhood photo together.

Everyone still look the same except we are taller now.

 The only guys in the group.

This is how my bro felt last time without them. Meh!!! Why so many girls one? Lol.

 Mom and aunts prepared and served us this. So delicious and I love tang yuan so much.

 First day also meant to be Pizza day. #surprisedinnerbecauseunclewonteatfastfoodatall

 So cheesy i likey.

Chu er (second day)

Second day of CNY also known as the blue day.

 My sis and I bought the same shoes this year (no same clothes, shoes also can lol.) and it is so cute with the smiley face.

 This is what I meant, the blue day. We did not pakat (planned) this time, i swear! It was so coincidentally all the cousins wore the same colour that day.

 And the little cousins somehow matched with us well.

 BTS | when we were posing for a picture.

 Before that, this is what Daphne sent me when she was in the state. I love it soooo much. Thank you so mucccchhhh.

 Chu er is meant for Lou Shang. And we had home made this time.

 And also meant to squeeze some brain juice with the gang!

 Tomo's short gathering too!

Thanks Shin's sis for the winter hat. #tingpleasejoinusinperth

So much fun with le gang this year, we had less time together but more appreciation.

Chu3 (third day)

A special day because uncle decided to stay in Melaka until Chu4 this year. This means we got to hang out together more time.

Went movie with le familie, kung fu yoga yesterday. So much fun listening to the little one laugh non stop in the cinema.

 Had second home made lou shang with a smallwr family group.

Better than the one we had the day before.

And i mean this! Haha. 

These sum up my holidays this year. Had so much fun and tomorrow gonna be a happy working day. 

That's all. Bye!

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Hello everyone.

Today marked the 8th years journey of typing the boring life of me. I still remembered the first day starting this blog with passion and I will post whatever moments in this blog. Time goes by, less entries uploaded and passionate goes down. Nah! I don't blog much these few years (probably 3 years? When I started my job) because thing got really boring. I have less gathering and travel.

Besides that, I was really busy and tend to forget about typing out some travelog after travelled months ago. Passionate again goes down for typing out this. Sorry guys!

However, I was the only one who still type something in (although this was not really interesting nah!), unlike most of my friends who already gave up since 2 years back. I remembered how we will read each other blog while enhancing our own blogging skill (university life is more relaxing so we can do so lol) and change our wallpaper every now and then. We will search the cheapo way which is taken from other source (take ok? Not steal!). I always search for pink, hence this is why yuncheepedia (my friend's past blog) named my blog as pinkaholiclydia after helping me to change my wallpaper. This is why I still use the same name until now lol.

Speaking about passionate, passionate means showing or caused by strong feelings or strong belief. I believe passionate will go down when I'm no longer as chill as last time. I wanted to blog so much, but when work came, I tend to leave it aside and finish my work. After that, good bye blogging because i rather have a nap! Life! Lol.

Hey! I sound so pathetic sigh! Nope! My life still goes on. There is alot of fun moment throughout the years such as travelling and gathering (less). Those were moments when I forgot to blog about. I wish I could do it again now.

So now, I'll blog about my birthday celebration with the Tomo. Haha! So random right?

My birthday was yesterday, 17 December, and I'm having birthday celebration with Tomo on 3rd December which is on Shin's wedding day.

That day was also the day we had our present exchanged.

This year was early because everyone was way too busy on Christmas day. This year we go by this sequence me<>Ting and Shin>>Bee>>Jen>>Shin

The sequence was slightly surprising. And the funniest thing is that me and Ting were wrapping our present TOGETHER!!! Both of us were pretending not giving each other all the time when we were wrapping our gift lol! We laughed non stop after knowing the presents were for both of us lol.

The only birthday cake of the year. Thank you so much.

I was really surprise with the cake actually. When we planned to go Shin's house after the wedding, i was "rejected" by Jen for sitting her car. I got really confused because she was like why wanna sit my car? You sit shin's car lah. Lol! Poor acting skill man. My thought was she is the one who planned to get a cake for my birthday lah so she doesn't want me to sit her car bla bla bla lah. Then I smelled of fried chicken when I was in her car, and she explained that was from outside and I BELIEVED ok!

When they presented the cake, I was told that the cake was in the car for the whole day and Jen  was the one who took out the cake. WHAT?

 Presents and souvenir from Taiwan, Japan and Bali yo!

This is what additional gift we always had when we were having exchange gift. Lol


Thanks to Jun Neng (Nan) for those pictures. I think he damn annoyed by all of us already because we kept teased him so much. HAHAHA!

Sorry Shin's didi. Hahaha!
 We don't really drink the red wine but must pattern abit to show that we did drink ok.

#tomo5achi #alwayspattern

Blue xmas wrapping - Shin's
Light blue wrapping - Bee's
Green wrapping - Jen's
White with pattern red and silver - mine
Triangle - Ting's

Love is the air! Haha!!

Thank you for all the wishes and thanks Tomo for the celebration. #over10yearsfriendship still go on...

Happy birthday to me and this blog yo! Will try my best to blog everything in my life. Thank you so much to let me release stress while typing out all these.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas is around the corner

Hello everyone!

Christmas is coming soon!!!

I always love christmas althought I am not Christian or Catholic. Things that I love about Christmas is...

1. Official public holiday for ALL

As you know, Malaysia is a multinational country, hence we have the most public holidays as compared to others. Christmas is one of the most lovely public holiday that I love the most, because weather is more cooler, decoration is more colourful and more lighting than Chinese New Year. Basically just more romantic lol!

I used to decorate the house with a tree but is not going to happen this year because we will be having family Christmas party at uncle's house, Puchong. Gonna decorate nicely there. Sis planned to bring the small christmas tree over tomorrow. #eggcited


Yes. Christmas is a festive of giving. Every year, I will have a exchange present with my family and tomo5achi, and this year the tradition goes on...

I have done present exchange with tomo last week, and we were early this year due to timing differences between me and tomo. #malaysiaandsingaporetimingdifferent #specialday

I got a SD card from Ting who bought it at Lazada #efficientpurchadeviaonline and Ting got my present ftom Lazada too lol.

Ps: will blog more about it in the next post. I hope I will remember to blog it. Hehe

Besides that, family exchange present will held on Christmas eve, planned to have BBQ party at uncle's house and present settled. I just hope it will not rain that day. #fingercross

3. Weather is cooler

I don't know why, but it seems that Christmas has the coldest weather throughout the year. Proven! Because is raining cats and dogs outside while I'm typing this indoor.

Is about 27°c now. Don't judge please, Malaysia don't really have such low °c before, so you know what I meant! Cold!!!

I wore shorts with blanket, literally BLANKET while watching tv at living room now.

Yes. I used literally which it might pissed someone else. Haha!

Oh ya. You know that there is one youtuber from western ( sorry, don't know from where) make a video regarding the word "literally" and he pissed off while other party kept using that word. Lol! Just a story lolllll..

Off break and continue the story.

So i have nothing to elaborate about cold now. Just COLD! I need BBQ or something hot!

4. Romantic

Seems that this is a season of romance. While I'm scrolling my facebook, there are few couples who propose and got a yes these few days. <3 p="">

I have nothing to say about this. Off topic haha!

5. Just a wrap of the year!

This is a wrap of the year. After this, another year is coming and is going to be another routine of life. Face challenges, stress, happy, positive and some negative, success and etc etc. All these will come to an ending with love and joy of Christmas every year. #joyfulfestiveever

And is a wrap for this entry!

Ps: is gonna be a great year ahead.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

RANDOM| boring life

Hello everyone.

I am back!

After such long hiatus, I finally back on track  (hope so). I still figuring how to blog in an efficient way, laptop or phone. mmmm..

During the hiatus period, there are few events happening around me, from wedding helper to travel to work load. Thing changed a lot, get new friends and being workaholic.

1. Wedding helper

Being wedding helper twice in 2 months time, and we declared that we are the best helper ever. From registration to ang Pau security to money counting speed, all in in less than 3 hours. lol.

2. Planning to leave the firm

Yeap. This was a plan since many weeks ago, the going concern issue. Thing happened too quickly that I feel I need a move and so coincidence that my friend agreed to send in my resume. Hence, that's the plan, but in the end there was no vacancy left. Then I forced to stay again. I hope everything happened for a reason and I don't see now.

3. travel

I neither travel overseas nor local with close friend and family this year. Kinda disappointed. However, it won't stop me from travelling tho. I went to Langkawi with sis'said friends two weeks before our department trip to clubmed.

Both trips is the best throughout the year (although is only local). During those trips, I got to understand and know a real person is, and I personally think that some of them aren't that hash. Before the trip, I was worried that some of them aren't my type (in the sense that we don't have anything in common), but don't judge a book by its cover. Do not misjudge others by their look or act inow short term, they might be good in long run or someday.

I felt horrible when I misjudge one of the sis'said friend. She wasn't that bad actually so mmm.. lesson learned.

Clubmed trip was awesome. I learned a lot of new activity that I wasn't great at last time. First time kayaking, zen pool, sailing  and etc. It was really a great trip, relax and fun. I would go there again next time.

4. Being lazy

Just being lazy throughout the time. Busy life make me laziest when come to personal life. I personally feel that I do not spend more precious time to do some meaningful thing instead being lazy laying at the bed for whole day.

What can I do when I have free time?

I have an idea of doing some business but pleaseeeeeeeee I need some business concept. I feel I want to do something meaningful business trading but the ideas just stuck in my brain so how not workable.

Should I or not? I want to start blogging all over again but the ideas always stuck in my mind and when I start the page, all the words gone by the wind. I'm too old to remember every single words in my mind nowadays. Walnut in need!!!!

5. workload!

Work work work...

It wouldn't end until I got out of there and get a new job. BUT what should I do next? That's always stop me from thinking now.

Work life balance ?

Why can't we? I always feel I need work life balance but I just don't understand why my boss always said in such a way that we shouldn't have work life balance. I just don't understand.

Being work life balance make my life better I guess. I'm sick of working nowadays, I feel I can't finish all my works these days.  From a to z, everything just being too much. Oh no. I'm spreading negativity, damn! I guess that is why people always always say laws of attraction works when you are positive. Its hard but I will try no matter how.

Well, I guess these are the top 5 ofor big event happened during the hiatus period. I will blog more next time and I mean it.

Will try to at least once in a week.

Now back to nap time. PS: slept at 2am last night and woke up damn early just for breakfast. *yawn*

August revoir!